Our Pastor

Pastor Christopher E. Swims

Elder Christopher SwimsServant, humble, integrity, excellence, love, consistency, and dependability:  These are all adjectives that describe the man of God that God Himself has selected, anointed, and appointed to serve on behalf of the Kingdom of God for such a time as this.  Pastor Christopher E. Swims has been the Senior Pastor of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church (affectionately called “The Well”) in Carbondale, IL since November 2010.   Pastor Swims and his lovely life companion, Lady Brittany K. Swims along with their daughter Carrington Leigh, are called to make a profound and inerasable impact on their generation.  In an age where, according to recent studies, church attendance is at an all-time low in the United States and one in four adult Americans say that they are not affiliated with any religious ideology, God has sanctioned Pastor and Lady Swims to live, teach, and preached that salvation through the shed blood and subsequent resurrection of Jesus, the Christ is still the only way to sustained, meaningful victory in this life and in the life to come.  Although Pastor and Lady Swims’ life’s message of The Cross is timeless, their methods are culturally yet relevant and they skillfully navigate life 21st century life while effectively presenting and living the truths as set forth by our Lord and Savior, Jesus, the Christ.  Because God has graced them to be in leadership at an incredibly young chronological age, their generation receives, respects, relates to them.  Subsequently, revolutionary ministry taking place as a result!

Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.  Pastor Swims is a man of integrity.  Scripture teaches us that a man that walks in integrity walks securely (Proverbs 10:9).  Pastor Swims is not only known as an articulate, humble, anointed, and awesome teacher of the Word of God, but a man of integrity, honesty, and character. He once said, “Integrity is a fairy tale with a lot of people nowadays, but I want God to be happy with how I live my life…”  In a time where virtues of the Christian faith that were once prevalent among all Believers such as humility and commitment are oftentimes difficult to observe in clergy today (let alone laity), Pastor Swims has stood out in his generation as a man of God that is more concerned with inner, spiritual growth and maturity (according to Scripture) than the outward trappings of what society (and pseudo spiritual individuals) deem successful living.

The old adage states, “In order to be a good leader, one must be a good follower.”  Preaching (and licensed) since he was a teenager, Pastor Swims has demonstrated a servant’s heart by serving his spiritual father, the late Pastor Presley White-as well as Bishop Keith Russell Lee, Sr., and Pastor Christopher-Michael Barnes.  During his spiritual formative years, Pastor Swims demonstrated a heart for youth in particular, and served as Teen Sunday School facilitator, Youth Pastor, and as (most importantly)-A SOUL WINNER

Pastor Swims is a trusted confidant, mentor, and teacher in his community by the seasoned and the novice.  Ordained in 2007 by Pastor Christopher-Michael Barnes, Pastor Swims has demonstrated that he is flexible and multifaceted.  He has served in various capacities in ministry in diverse ways from being a percussionist to assistant choir director to an usher.  In addition to serving at The Well,  he serves/have served on many advisory boards in his community (such boards include but are not limited to Diversity Advisory Committee at John A. Logan Community College and the Good Samaritan House Ministries).  Pastor Swims has a Bachelor’s of Science in Speech Communication from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale with a concentration in interpersonal communication.

Pastor Swims has served as the Senior Pastor of The Well since November 2010 and He is a man of VISION!  As any church should, his vision is to bring Help to our City, Restoration to our Community & Hope to our World. Pastor Swims’ teachings are an impeccable balance of spiritual truths and practicality.  His agenda (as given to him by God) is that Hopewell to be a dynamic, spiritual organism that is fueled by the Holy Spirit in order to share Christ with multitudes on a global scale-beginning at home (Carbondale).  Pastor Swims desires for Believers to ultimately showcase the character of our God and His Christ.

A man of vision, integrity and excellence, Pastor Christopher E. Swims is on the move for Christ!